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While the Dempster Highway travels through vast distances and landscapes, you are never quite alone if you know where to look. The mountains, forests, river valleys, tundra, and sub-arctic terrain that shoulder this road to the Arctic is home to a range of Northern wildlife including:

  • Caribou

  • Ptarmigans

  • Ground Squirrels

  • Grizzly Bears

  • Wolves

  • Black Bears

  • Moose

  • Foxes

Opportunities for wildlife photography along the Dempster Highway can be remarkable but remember to always use caution when sighting wildlife and never approach or feed animals or birds.

Read more on where to watch wildlife in the Northwest Territories here

Download the Yukon Guide to Wildlife Along the Dempster Highway

(starting on page 47) here


Download a Grizzly & Black Bear Safety Guide here


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